Famous movie suicides

aside from stars who have passed away naturally or died on film in mysterious circumstances, the list of

actors committing suicide is surprisingly long



the most prominent are:

George Sanders

The star of Hitchcock classics Rebecca and the Foreign Agent, the super suave Sanders killed himself in 1972, because he couldn’t accept his fading fortunes and the loss of his status.

Pier Angeli (1932 – 1971)

sensitive looking Italian actress married to Vic Damone, she committed suicide in 1971. cause; pills

Charles Boyer (1899-1978)

Gentlemanly French actor mostly in intrenational films, went to Hollywood in 1929, and gained a reputation as a great lover. He committed suicide following the death of his wive of 44 years

Charles Butterworth (1896 – 1946)

Balding american comic actor who through the ’30s played his own role of shy upper class bachelor, never getting the girl and sometimes drowning his sorrows in drink, He died in a car crash.

Dorothy Dandridge (1922 – 1965)

American leading actress of unrecognised potential. she begain in films as a child but found few roles as an adult. Known for Carmen Jones and Porgy Bess. she died in poverty due to an overdose of drugs.

Albert Dekker

Dutch stage actor of long experience, his films are disappointing, Hanged himself in 1968, and left a suicide note in lipstick.

Alan Ladd

The star of Shane was handicapped by his size – he was 5 feet five inches but audiences rooted for him  He never displayed much interest in acting and was more concerned with what clothes his character would wear, he died as the result of alcohol and an overdose of sleeping pills.

Carol Landis – (1919 – 1948)

Uninhibited blonde leading actress, Credits include Turnabout and It Shouldn’t Happen to a dog. She was married four times, the first at 15. she killed herself over a failing love affair with Rex Harrison.

George Reeves

The actor who played Superman on TV, his life was filmed as the movie Hollywoodland. Typecast,he found no other roles to play, Became a wrestler, Shot himself in 1959.

Jean Seberg

The girlfriend of Jean Paul Belmondo in  A Bout de Souffle, she was found dead in her car at the age of 41.

Everett Sloane

incisive actor introduced to Hollywood by Orson Welles. Famous line; ‘old age. Mr thompson. Its the only disease you don’t enjoy being cured of.

Margaret Sullivan (1911 – 1960)

A leading actress of the thirties, she had a special whimsical quality that was unique. Her first three husbands were HENRY FONDA, William Wyler and Leland Hayward.

Lupe Velez (1908 -1944)

Temperamental Mexican leading lady best remembered with Leon Errel in the Mexican spitfire series.she was married to Johnny Weissmuller and committed suicide when pregnant after a love affair went wrong.

Gig Young

Light comedy leading man with a pleasant bemused air, committed suicide after killling his fifth wife. He was previosly married to actress Elizabeth Montgomery. 


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