ALan Ladd

i’m not 100% confident that Ladd killed himself but his death was the result of a drink and drugs overdose so I’m including him on here as he is one of the biggest names I have written about. Here is his life:

Born in Hot Springs, Alabama, he worked in a variety of jobs, including a grip on the Warner lot, before beginning to get small roles in films and stage. handicapped by his size, he was only five feet inches, he proved to be just the kind of hero audiences wanted to see. He became a star with This Gun’s For Hire, in which he played, for the first of several times, opposite Veronica Lake,by 1947 he was among the top ten stars. He never displayed much interest in the study of acting. according to Robert Emmett Dolan, one of Ladd’s friends met him and said that he’d noticed teh star was about to star in a new picture. Ladd replied that he’d yet to read the script. ‘that must be kind of disturbing,’ said his friend. ‘Sure is,’ I don’t know what I’m going to wear.’ His career declined in 1950s due to heavy drinking, he died as the result of an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills.

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