suicide number 24: Capucine

The lovely Capuicine (1933-1990)  was a French actress who starred in international films like The Pink Panther. Capucine was briefly married to French film actor Pierre Trabaud. She later met actor William Holden in the early 1960s. They starred in the films The Lion (1962) and The 7th Dawn (1964). Holden was married to Brenda Marshall, but the two began a two-year affair. AfterContinue reading “suicide number 24: Capucine”

Leslie Cheung – 1956 -2003

  Leslie was a Hong Kong actor (1956-2003), born in Hong Kong, he was educated in England and studied textiles in Leeds University. His films are: A Better Tomorrow, a Better tomorrow II, Rouge, A Chinese Ghost Story, Once a Thief, days of Being wild, farewell My Concubine, The Bride With White Hair, Between LoveContinue reading “Leslie Cheung – 1956 -2003”

The murder-suicide of Gig Young and his 30 year old bride

Who can say what led Gig Young to murder his wife of only three weeks? Or what then led him to comit suicide? To understand a little better his tortured psyche would need access to the man’s psychological state, which needless to say, I do not possess. Young won an oscar for his role inContinue reading “The murder-suicide of Gig Young and his 30 year old bride”

Stars who suicided

GEORGE SANDERS This super suave actor played in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca and Foreign Correspondent, as well as the frankly dire ‘Falcon’ series of films all made on shoestring budget, but it is his tremendously mercurial role as the supercilious agent in All About Eve for which he is best known. Sanders was immortalised in songContinue reading “Stars who suicided”