The biggest names to die of Aids

A recent Newsweek article revealed that most obituaries of stars to die of Aids did not mention the disease. In his entire eight-year presidency Ronald Reagan did not mention thhomsexuae condition, as though even to speak of it was to get too close. AIDS was first considered something only caught by drug users and homosexuals. By 1993, Premiere magazine estimated that there were 2,000 people in Holllywood who were HIV positive.

The most famous stars to have succumbed to the disease are:

Rock Hudson (1925-1985)


Giant-sized leading man, he lacked acting talent. His biggest films were Giant, Pillow Talk, Magnificent Obsessiion.

Anthony Perkins (1932-1992)


He played Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, he could never shake the role, finding it hard to play roles as an older man. In 1992 he died of complications related to AIDS. He was romantically linked to Tab Hunter. His wife Berry Berenson died when her hijacked into the World Trade Centre.

Rudolph Nuruyev (1938-1993)

The Russian ballet dancer ventured into films as a straight actor (Dion Quixote, Valentino). The most high profile case so far.


fashion designer associated with disco.

Freddie Mercury

Of course we mustn’t forget him, he died in 1991. queen still perform with Paul Rogers on vocals. 


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