Things I have done that I shouldn’t have done

When I was six I and a good friend talked to a stranger in town. He bought us ice cream and gave us money. We knew we shouldn’t have done it and that our parents would disapprove but we did it anyway. a similar thing happened on holiday.

later we found an abandoned tire in a playground on a housing estate. It was not illegal but we knew we were up to mischief. we placed a flat piece of scaffolding on a wall and rolled the tire down a slide, the tyre went down the slide and up on the wood. It seemed to carry on forever. we went in to eat dinner after that.

One time we were playing near our house. There was an old car by the side of the road. My friend wanted to see what was inside. He had a chain of keys, on which was a skeleton key. we opened the car but there was nothing inside worth taking. So we took a baseball bat and stones and smashed the hell out of it. There was glass and pieces of the car all over the place. A man came to tell us off but we got away on our bikes before he could do anything.

These events took place before my seventh birthday. At school the teacher laid out a set of bottles with varying amounts of water in them, to make differently pitched sounds. For some reason I decided to throw a cushion at the bottles. Some of the bottles smashed and there was water everywhere, to this day I still don’t know why I did it.

I destroyed more school property a few years later. There was a big pile of clay in the art room and we took our shoes of and jumped all over it, The clay was unusable after that. we payed for it out of our pocket money.

On April Fool’s day we decided to prank one of our friends whom we knew to be an easy target. We bought a can of shaving foam and knocked on his door, when he answered we sprayed the foam right in his face. I liked him and wish we hadn’t done it.  I was about eleven at the time.

Around the same time I kept a diary in which I would log what happened at school. I would keep track of my friends and award marks out of ten for how good a friend I thought they were, I left it out and the wrong people read it.

I did some things to my sisters that I regret, like pouring a bowl of cornflakes over my older sister when she wouldn’t allow me to watch what I wanted to on TV. Or the time when I hit my younger sister hard, just before we were about to have our photograph taken at school.

I never did anything devious or underhand though and I always expressed remorse, I guess that would separate me from a total psychopath wouldn’t it?

what else?

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