It Gets Lonely Out Here

Sit down, have a seat. Take of those wet clothes. You look like you could use a rest. It’s been cold hasn’t it?

I’m surprised that you found us, we’re so tucked away. Yes, its a big place, its 100 acres beyond those trees. Well, how about a drink? I’ve got some whisky tucked away somewhere.

That’s better isn’t it?

You look hungry, here, I’ll find you some food. That bread was made yesterday, so its a little stale. I’d throw it away but it seems like such a waste. Its just me most days. A whole loaf is too much for me too eat.

Well now, what do you think of the place? We didn’t change much since we took over. The furniture is all the same since the last people moved out. I had the floorboards taken up last year, you’d be amazed at what we found, old bits of wood, newspapers and magazines from 100 years ago. Well, I thought it was interesting.

That’s ok, you don’t have to finish all of it. No, we don’t have a TV. There’s a radio somewhere. You can go upstairs if your feeling tired. I’ll show you where the room is. It hasn’t been used since they left. Well, I hope you get plenty of rest. I’ll be going up myself soon. I’m very glad you came. It gets lonely out here, it  certainly does.

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