On not having sex in college

Right, its confession time. I didn’t have sex in college. Or at university. I’m not proud of the fact. After all that was a big part of me going there in the first place. I hate to think of all the sex I missed by not being at the right parties or hanging with the right crowd. Its nuts when I think about it. all that free time and spare cash hanging around. I did go to parties though, and I was a regular at the student bar. Hardly a social wallflower. And it wasn’t like I didn’t approach women. 

funnily enough when the time came that I actually did get the opportunity to have sex with someone I ignored the signals, we slept in the same bed but didn’t actually do anything, we just got undressed and put the lights out. I’m kicking myself now though. Sorry this isn’t going anywhere. The girl was called Sophie, we actually hung out with each other quite a bit. I was completely stuck on someone else who couldn’t care less about me. Sorry Sophie for not going further with you. It really wasn’t anything you did. I just wish my younger self could have been more proactive.

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