My thoughts on the Oscar Pistorious Case

Pistorious is currently on bail, charged with murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

What actually happened?

Here is what we know: shots were fired at his home, at 3am, Steenkamp was dead when the ambulance arrived after Pistorious had unsuccessfully tried to revive her.

He made a call saying he had shot his girlfriend.

witnesses have said they heard arguing between a man and woman that evening. His account is that he had been spending a quiet night in, to be woken up by a loud noise. At this point, events seem to support Pistorious, supposing his statements are correct. He hadn’t checked to see if his girlfriend was sleeping beside him. She was in the bathroom when he fired the shots that killed her. If he thought there was a burglar, why not call the police? And why would a burglar lock themselves into a bathroom, rather than attempt to escape? as far I can tell, Oscar had enough time to get up, attach his prosthetics, but not enough time to establish that there was no burglar, just his girlfriend in the bathroom? Quite why he needed to shoot first remains to be known.

Testimony from the prosecution seems to be flawed, and it now looks as though they will have to call a new witness after the police officer has been revealed to be guilty of violent crimes himself. Whatever the consequences, a young woman is tragically dead, which seems to be the most upsetting aspect of this case. 

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