And the Oscar goes to…………..

You have to hand it to the Academy of Motion Pictures. When it comes to self-aggrandisement they are world leaders.

Among the options available for best picture in what was the most varied list in years, they went for a film that was about a film, albeit one that was only a front for a covert security operation. It seems that even when the options include 3-D fantasy (The Life of Pi), screwball rom-com (brilliant Silver Linings Playbook), a musical, even a western (Django Unchained) and a Spielberg biopic (Lincoln), the Academy’s will always prefer films about themselves. The really disappointing part is that the Oscars now seem to follow all the preceeding award ceremonies (Argo won best film at the Baftas earlier this month).

Generally it was hard to find much fault with the rest of their decisions, especially with so many films to choose from. Christoph Waltz took best-supporting actor for his second Tarantino film, in which his character was the moral center in a film of sickening violence and cynicism, the film was also given Best Original Screenplay.

Just as they had at the Baftas, Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day Lewis won for Les Mis and Lincoln respectively. Amour took Best Foreign film, but that was all. Jennifer Lawrence made good, winning Best Actress for SLP. I have no fault with the Academy’s vote, except that the film was really an ensemble piece in which she was merely a part, but her performance deserves all the plaudits, and really acknowledges a genuine talent. On the film, it proves that the Oscars rarely goes for comedies, even when they are as brilliantly written and photographed as Silver Linings Playbook

The Academy’s were hosted by Seth Mcfarlane, who means very little to me. There was also a completly redundant tribute to the Bond films, which to my knowledge have never been big Oscar winners. Adele sang, as did Shirley Bassey. There was a musical theme to the evening, with performances from Dreamgirls, Chicago and Les Miserables. No problem there , even if the singing was sometimes harsh and discordant.

Charlize Theron (not an actress I can warm to) showed off a very short new haircut. Reese Witherspoon looked properly sexy in a nice blue dress. Somebody was pregnant, this was on the Red Carpet. The speeches were kept under two minutes, sometimes being drowned out by music, the Jaws theme at one point. Catherine Zeta Jones looked like she had come as an Oscar, wearing a gold dress down to the floor. I’ll leave the clothes analysis to the fashionistas. Jennifer Lawrence pleased everyone in Dior, see picture below:




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