Dorothea Lange: Chronicler of the American Depression

Photo-realism is very hard to achieve these days, as nearly everyone is used to having their picture taken, but it used to be different. Look at these photos below: they are as real a depiction of the suffering and deprivation of the American depression as one is ever likely to see. They are also some of the most powerful photos ever taken.

Below: Farmers who have bought machinery cooperatively 1939


BELOW: Immigrant Mother – 1938


For many, this photo entirely captures the great Depression. Lange took the photo of the mother of seven children after she had sold their tent to buy food. It is almost unbearably poignant, a reminder of the terrible suffering undergone by ordinary people.

migratory-mother-texas-986x1024 dl

Young migratory mother, originally from Texas




George Amico


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