TV Hell

Right. That’s it. I’ve reached breaking point. If I have to hear one more conversation about a great TV series from America that is the best thing since the first loaf was sliced and  I shall be forced to, well, I’m not sure. But put  it this way.I ‘d be very happy if each andContinue reading “TV Hell”

Some upcoming movies I am very excited about

1. American Hustle: David O. Russell Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper Why? After the knockout success of Silver Linings, I’m  thrilled that O Russel is making another film with Jennifer Lawrence and De Niro. What’s the story? Set in 1970’s, its about a true-life con-artist forced toContinue reading “Some upcoming movies I am very excited about”

Five (genuine) celebrity sex tapes

Paris Hilton – released as One Night In Paris Many thought this would be the end of Paris Hilton. What, really? If anything it made her more famous.  Paris was the Kim Kardashian of the mid 2000s, starring in The Simple Life reality show with Nicole Ritchie.  One Night In Paris showcases Paris’s amazing body.Continue reading “Five (genuine) celebrity sex tapes”

Mia Farrow: Hollywood villain?

Let’s look at the evidence: Mia Farrow  was married to Frank Sinatra for two years. She drove the singer mad, Dean Martin pointed out that he had Scotch that was older than her, she was 19, Sinatra was 48. Her role in Rosemary’s Baby encapsulates her elfin grace, showing her being consumed by something growingContinue reading “Mia Farrow: Hollywood villain?”

The Great Gatsby – Baz Lurhman – 2013

The Great Gatsby is one of the most intangible books I’ve ever read. The words slip through your mind like sand running through your fingers. It’s one of those books that is hard to follow because the story is ungraspable, it seems to escape understanding, the closer we get to it the more it eludesContinue reading “The Great Gatsby – Baz Lurhman – 2013”

Ready For Love: a new dating show on NBC

‘I’ve always loved dating shows,’ announces Eva Langoria (executive producer of Ready For Love), ‘but lets be honest, they don’t work too well at matching people.’ I’ve enjoyed my fair share of dating shows too, but my tastes run to cheesy early nineties shows that I watched in my childhood, Blind Date being one ofContinue reading “Ready For Love: a new dating show on NBC”


Don Draper is back! This time its 1967, the hair is longer and there’s more facial hair. I thought that Peggy Olsen had got a new boyfriend but it was the same guy, just hiding behind the weight of colossal sideburns and a beard. Don Draper read Dante’s Inferno whilst on holiday in Hawaii withContinue reading “MAD MEN SEASON 6”

Ten bizarre, weird and disturbing films

Alice GB/SWITZERLAND/WEST GERMANY 1988 Most films about Lewis Carrol’s classic are frankly dull, i.e. Tim Burton’s recent interpretation. This film gets closer to other films in capturing the curious atmosphere of the original story, by using live actors and animation, it has surrealist overtones and the puppets by director Svankmajer are like the sock puppets youContinue reading “Ten bizarre, weird and disturbing films”

Looking back at teen movies

Ahead of tomorrow’s release of Spring Breakers, a recap of some of the best films in the genre. When Ferris Bueller spent a day off school in John Hughes eighties classic Ferris Bueller’s day off, the worst behaviour on display was the crashing of one of the parent’s sports cars. Ferris and his friends spent theContinue reading “Looking back at teen movies”

Why do people hate celebrities?

  From the way celebs are written about in the media, you’d imagine that most famous people had committed crimes that would put them in the same category as dictators of small african countries or Russian oligarchs, yet most celebrities are no more guilty than the rest of us, yet are endlessly reminded of theirContinue reading “Why do people hate celebrities?”

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