Five (genuine) celebrity sex tapes

Paris Hilton – released as One Night In Paris

Many thought this would be the end of Paris Hilton. What, really? If anything it made her more famous.  Paris was the Kim Kardashian of the mid 2000s, starring in The Simple Life reality show with Nicole Ritchie.  One Night In Paris showcases Paris’s amazing body. The fact that she spends most of the time talking to the camera suggests she was entirely complicit in being filmed. The leaking of the tape may have been an attempt by her ex boyfriend Rick Salomon to get back at her. They made three sex tapes together, One Night In Paris is the most widely seen.

Virginie Gervaise

She was a high street honey for French FHM before it was revealed that she was also a pornstar. So no stranger to being filmed having sex.

Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain

‘slim, shapely, luscious stunner’ is how IMDB describes Narain, and after looking at her its hard to argue. The film was featured in Celebrity Sex tapes unwound, one of those crappy Channel 4 countdowns.


Alana Dante

She has been on Belgium Big Brother. 

Kim Kardashian

I knew there was a sex tape of Kardashian before I knew anything else about her. 



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