Some of the best movies from 2000-2011

Here’s a list of the most interesting films i have seen over the past ten years. I have only included films actually released during this time as I consider the reputation of most ‘classic’ films to be above the need for reiteration. Citizen Dog (Thailand) Some have called this film the Thai Amelie but its muchContinue reading “Some of the best movies from 2000-2011”

Screen Goddess Veronica Lake: 1919-1970

It  was a long, slow decline that took Veronica Lake from the 40 spy thrillers she made with Alan Ladd, to Flesh Feast (1970). But that was how it often was for stars of that era, on the top for a few years before retiring, only to return when very old for the money (it’sContinue reading “Screen Goddess Veronica Lake: 1919-1970”

What to write…..

This week’s been going in so many different directions, its hard to know where to begin. I just started a new job at a school in Haringey. As a teaching assistant. I think I get on with the kids ok. But its hard to keep discipline. I get so stressed when I see even aContinue reading “What to write…..”

Smack Family Robinson

Theatre review Smack Family Robinson at The Rose, Kingston It’s  bizarre going to the theatre and watching a play that feels very much like a sitcom you’d find on Channel 4, specifically something close to the council estate drama Shameless. This is the first revival of Richard Bean’s first play since the astonishingly successful OneContinue reading “Smack Family Robinson”

First month in London

so it’s been a month since I left the leafy Surrey ghetto for the mean streets of London nd I wanted to write a bit about how its been going, Why London? I moved out of my rented house in Cobham because I felt like my life was going nowhere there. i wanted to experienceContinue reading “First month in London”

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