Corey Monteith (1982 -2013)

No! That was Mark Salling’s tweet on hearing of the passing of his co-star and friend of Glee.

I think everybody had a similar reaction. Although it was reported that Monteith had missed the last three episodes of season 4 due to going into rehab, there was every hope that he would recover and rejoin the series for the fifth season. Now it seems our dreams are shattered. It looks as though he died of a drug overdose, a none too rare occurrence among actors. He always seemed so likeable and down to earth on the show, and it sounds as though he was like that in real life too. He was the same age as me (31). and he was due to marry Lea Michele (Rachel in Glee) in two weeks time. Our worst fears are seldom realised. Sadly, today they have been. 


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