‘An Alan Smithee film’

Some films which have been directed by ‘Alan Smithee’ (ie, those which the director asked his name to be removed from).

Death of a Gunfighter  (Don Siegel, Robert Totten) 67

Fade In (d Jud Taylor) 68.

City in Fear (d Jud Taylor)

Fun and Games (Paul Bogart)

Moonlight (d Jackie Cooper, Rod Holcomb).

Stitches  (d Rod Holcomb)

Appointment with Fear 

Let’s Get Harry (d Stuart Rosenberg)

Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home (directed Terry Windsor)

Ghost Fever (d Lee Madden)


I Love NY

Catchfire/Backtrack (directed Dennis Hopper)


Boyfriend from Hell /The Shrimp on the Barbie (Martin Gottlieb)

Imageactually looks ok



Call of the Wild

Imagea very below-par White Fang

The Birds II: Land’s End


Raging Angels


Hellraiser: Bloodline 



It is possible that Smithee is now dead: when Walter Hill had his name removed from the credits of Supernova, the film was credited to Thomas Lee.

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