Report from the trial of The Sun journalists from Kingston Crown Court

Six Sun journalists have been charged with conspiracy in a public office. The sting of the charge is that cash payments were paid to public officials,  including a nurse at the Broadmoor asylum, in exchange for stories. Arguing for the Defence, Oliver Blunt QC said that his client Mr Dudman had questioned why certain membersContinue reading “Report from the trial of The Sun journalists from Kingston Crown Court”

The Place – New Malden

I thought that I would give you some more information on one of my favourite places in New Malden. The Place is the nicest coffee shop in New Malden to relax and chill in. Aside from here there is a Costa a little further down the road. Recently I had the sweet potato cake (picturedContinue reading “The Place – New Malden”

The Dramatic moment the hostages escaped from the Sydney Lindt Cafe

These photos show the moment when two terrified cafe workers managed to escape from the cafe where they had been held hostage for several hours by a lone Islamic fundamentalist. Hostage takings are sadly all too common and almost impossible to resolve with out endangering life in the process. The police who eventually entered theContinue reading “The Dramatic moment the hostages escaped from the Sydney Lindt Cafe”

Censorship problems delay premiere of Chinese film

The world premiere of Jiang Wen’s gangster film “Gone With The Bullets”  has been postponed due to censorship problems, according to a statement published on the official WeChat social media account of the film’s Chinese producers. Reportedly, there have already been some adjustments made, such as changing some prostitute characters into less morally suspect dancingContinue reading “Censorship problems delay premiere of Chinese film”

Rob’s guide to New Malden Part Two

Here I will discuss a few of my favourite places to buy food and drink in the town. Head to K-Mart (71-73 High St) first for a well stocked selection of Korean goods. Stock up on big bags of rice and buy some pre-packaged noodles which are very cheap and tasty. Also get your sliced beefContinue reading “Rob’s guide to New Malden Part Two”

The Rob Ruckus guide to New Malden – Part 1

Take a tour with Rob Ruckus as he shows you some of his favourite sites in the heart of London’s Little Seoul. I have been living in New Malden for over a year now and I never get bored of trying out the many local Korean businesses that line the high street. You can getContinue reading “The Rob Ruckus guide to New Malden – Part 1”