The Place – New Malden

I thought that I would give you some more information on one of my favourite places in New Malden.

The Place is the nicest coffee shop in New Malden to relax and chill in. Aside from here there is a Costa a little further down the road.

Recently I had the sweet potato cake (pictured below) and a vanilla latte.


I asked the manager who made the cakes for the shop and she told me that a Japanese lady makes the cakes but she wouldn’t tell me her name. I guess you have to protect your sources and such information needs to be closely guarded. Whoever it is, the cake I had was absolutely delicious. The sweet potato makes for a very light cake ingredient and the cake tasted sweet but not cloying. I would describe it as being closer to what might be called gateaux, with very light sponge and a very fine biscuit crumb topping. The quality is very high for a cafe, or anywhere else for that matter.

I have tried the Green tea cake before, but wanted to show the picture below because I couldn’t resist the holly decorations. It’s really nice to see the Christmas symbols being used so inventively.


I went back recently to try the Chestnut cake and whilst it was an exceptional sponge cake interwoven with layers of cream, it didn’t have a very strong taste.


The manager suggested that I try the vanilla latte, which I did. Its normally made with two shots but customers can ask for one if that is too strong for them. I don’t think they charge extra for any additional shots like in some places.

The attention to detail is very impressive and nothing has been overlooked. The logo is particularly impressive and looks classy on the takeaway cups. I would love to see some slightly more interesting cups and mugs being used for the coffee but that is my only real quibble with the Place. I really like the use of wood on the shop front, the counter and behind the entrance. Even the clock incorporates a similar feel.

I would describe the all-Korean staff as exceptionally pleasant and efficient.

The Place is open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 to 18:00.

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