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Where to meet Asian girls

London’s full of some really hot Asian girls right now and there’s never been a better opportunity to get to know them.

My tips would be to try some unconventional locations and don’t stick to bars and clubs. Yes, you can meet some nice girls in those places and I certainly have done. But any decent looking girl in a bar or a club is going to be fending off dozens of guys. Plus I honestly don’t think clubs are the best places to look for Asian girls. They can’t dance (remember the scene in the Social Network?) but neither can I. Maybe that’s why I get on with them so much.

Your odds are better if you hit some of the following places. Ready? Let me reveal my top locations for Asian women.

1. Uniqlo

Asian girls love to shop so one of the best locations to meet them must be Japan’s premier clothing store. I would actually rate shopping as a better way to meet women than a bar or a club. You can have a proper conversation for a start. Plus the big stores are constantly flushed with a fresh source of women. You can ask them about clothes and what you should buy. Any girl is going to be flattered that you’re asking for her advice on fashion, which let’s face it, is something most girls are going to be more than happy to voice an opinon on.

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Bear with me here. Although museums can be full of foreign students and children on school trips, they can also be excellent meeting places. Make that x2 if you go to the V&A late on a Friday, where they have a DJ and cocktails. Asian girls love anything design related and this museum is always full of girls from Taiwan, China and Japan when I go there. I’m sure it’s the same in the National History museum, not that I go there. Dinosaurs aren’t my thing.

Shake Shack, Covent Garden

This place is extremely popular with Koreans, a friend has reliably informed me. I’ve not been there but I’m sure he’s right.

A university

Basically go to any London or university in a major UK town and you are going to find Asian girls. So get to the library quick. I’m sure the security in most universities isn’t going to prevent you from wandering around.

A London bus

This is not as bad a place to talk to girls as you might think. You can usually strike up a conversation quite naturally, either whilst waiting for the bus, or when in transit. I find generally buses are sociable places and people talk to each other more than they do on the tube. Go on a late night bus and you will find girls travelling on their own. Most journeys are at least half an hour so that’s a good amount of time to get to know somebody and hopefully strike up a connection.
So these are my top choices to meet Asian girls. And I don’t suggest using any dating apps becuase I genuinely think you can get a much better sense of whether you like someone by meeting them in person. If you can do it when they are feeling relaxed comfortable, and not hassled, so much the better.
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