A new A-list star rises in the East

In the recently published ranking of the world’s highest paid actress one name stood out among the usual supsects of Jennifer Lawrence (no.1), Scarlett Johnannson (no.2) and Angelina Jolie (no.7).


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was confirmed as being the only non-American in the Forbes list. Its a sign of the increasing earning power (think endorsements of luxury brands) of Chinese stars. Whilst she is most famous in China, Fan was recently seen alongside Lawrence in one of the X-Men films, and had a role in Iron Man 3.

Chinese actresses have been able to use their fame and status to market luxury goods in the past but none so much as Fan Bing Bing. Her ability to to tap into the market has seen Chopard sign her up and she has been an ambassador for L’Oreal. Louis Vuitton made her the first Asian actress to have her own custom-made red carpet gown.

She has signed a contract for four more X-Men films, so we can look forward to seeing much more of her on our screens.

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