The Korean War: what’s the beef?

Essentially, the conflict began after the Second world war. The Japanese had occupied the country until 1945, when the Soviet Union declared war. The North was given over to the Russians and the area south of the 38th parallel was occupied by U.S. forces. The country of Korea has been invaded so many times inContinue reading “The Korean War: what’s the beef?”

What its like dating Asian women

Before I realised I had what is perjoratively known to some people as Asian fever, my attempts at dating were haphazard. They were fraught with anxiety and awkwardness. I had been raised to expect certain things from women and it was a continual disappointment when I saw that things didn’t go according to plan. IContinue reading “What its like dating Asian women”

Book review: A Kim Jong Il Production

At the heart of this terrifying portrait of a madman is the scarcely believable kidnapping of the most famous South Korean actress and Director, both of whom were forced against their will to come to the North and make propaganda films for the Supreme Leader.

Academics gather for third World Congress of Hallyu, Dubai

K-pop group Sistar ItĀ seems that as well as being a pop-cultural phenomenon that saw Gangnam Style become the most watched video on Youtube, K-Pop is now leading academics to write scholarly papers on the “symbiosis and parasitism” of attempts by fans to mimic idol groups’ dancing. There has been resistance from the establishment who worryContinue reading “Academics gather for third World Congress of Hallyu, Dubai”

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