How Kakao Talk founder became a billionaire

Self-made billionaires are unusual in South Korea, even more so when they exist outside of family business or chaebols. The founder of popular chat app Kakao Talk has invented an app that is used by three quarters of South Korea’s 50 million population. He chairs Kakao, the operator of KakaoTalk, and has become one ofContinue reading “How Kakao Talk founder became a billionaire”

My films of the year

Becuase of the mad rush that is the pre-awards season, most of the best films are now released between November and early January to maximise awards potential. Still, by all accounts it’s been a great year for films. Here are some of the best: Ex Machina Alex Garland’s elegant sci-fi thriller was structured like aContinue reading “My films of the year”

A Christmas Story

There are some Christmases he can remember clearly and others which he has forgotten. The ones where nothing much happened, or nothing of note anyway. Those years where there were no big disappointments, but no great surprises or joys either. The Christmas I want to tell you about happened some years ago when things wereContinue reading “A Christmas Story”

Social media: The good and the bad

I’m sure that you have your own opinion on whether you use social media. I’ve been using it for 6 years now. here’s what I’ve found: Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are often the first sites I go to┬áin the morning after checking my emails. I then spend several times a dayContinue reading “Social media: The good and the bad”

Working it all out

Does it ever feel like everyone else has the perfect job except you? Many times I’ve wondered what the key to having a good job must be. Although I’ve been told that I’m a people person, I find that most jobs involving lots of interactions with people tend to cause problems with me. On theContinue reading “Working it all out”

On Growing Older

There’s no doubt about it, I’m getting older. I’ve been thinking about the subject of getting older for quite a few years. In my mind I feel quite young but I feel that there’s a big difference between my chronological age and the age I feel myself to be. We have a strange attitude towardsContinue reading “On Growing Older”

10 Great Korean films

Oldboy The one that really got the ball rolling for korean cinema was this Palme D’or winner by Chan Park Wook. After being imprisoned for 15 years, a man has 10 days to learn why and to take revenge on the perpetrators. There are so many awesome moments in this film, from the scene whereContinue reading “10 Great Korean films”

Girls Generation Dear Santa album review

Wow, I didn’t have any expectations on this album as Christmas release can be a bit of a novelty but I was more than pleasantly surprised. The first track Dear Santa starts off with slow, ballad singing before launching into a bouncy Christmas jingle at the one-minute mark. Vocals are mainly in Korean with someContinue reading “Girls Generation Dear Santa album review”

Ten great Korean dishes

Here are some of my favourite Korean dishes that I have tried so far… Bibimbap This is a hot-stone bowl with julienned carrots, courgette, seasoned beef and other namul. Its served in a hot stone bowl so the rice is still cooking, and comes with a fried egg on top. Stirring it all together preventsContinue reading “Ten great Korean dishes”

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