Girls Generation Dear Santa album review

Wow, I didn’t have any expectations on this album as Christmas release can be a bit of a novelty but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

The first track Dear Santa starts off with slow, ballad singing before launching into a bouncy Christmas jingle at the one-minute mark. Vocals are mainly in Korean with some words (‘Christmas’) in English. It reminds me strongly of some of the great old Christmas songs like the ones on the Phil Spector Christmas album. 

They sing an English language version as well, which I’m not alone in thinking is actually better than the Korean language one.

There are more traditional ballads (‘Winter Story’ and ‘First Snow’) before another funky-poppy number ‘First Snow’, but its the title song I enjoyed the most. It may be a bit sugary for some but seriously what is Christmas if not for sugar and sweetness?


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