On Growing Older

There’s no doubt about it, I’m getting older.

I’ve been thinking about the subject of getting older for quite a few years.

In my mind I feel quite young but I feel that there’s a big difference between my chronological age and the age I feel myself to be.

We have a strange attitude towards aging. As children, we are expected to celebrate each passing year. The 18th birthday is supposed to represent coming into adulthood.

Yet, most 18 year holds are hardly ready for the adult world. We make children wait for so long before we allow them to experience freedom.

Much of our childhood years and early adulthood are spent in education (perhaps too much).

I remember being depressed when I reached 30. I didn’t feel I had achieved all of the things that society expected of me.

Unfortunately, we are very future focused. As children, we think about what we will be when we are older, rather than what we will do right now in the present. And how many children who decide what they want to do as kids go on to do it as adults?

nautical-ship-sand-timer-250x250I am definitely at the age I was when as I child I thought of as an adult. I am effectively living my future in the present. This means I no longer have the luxury of saying to myself that things will be different in the future (which is just a way of putting off making decisions).

Now I live in the present, rather than thinking of life as something that happens when you are older.

I guess time has always been running out from birth onwards. There’s less sand in the hour glass, but there’s still sand left to come out.

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