Working it all out

Does it ever feel like everyone else has the perfect job except you?

Many times I’ve wondered what the key to having a good job must be.

Although I’ve been told that I’m a people person, I find that most jobs involving lots of interactions with people tend to cause problems with me.

On the other hand, some of my most satisfying work experiences have been when I have been working by myself, but as part of a team. I’m thinking of when I worked as a chef. you have your own station so you are responsible for your own work. Yet if you make a mistake everyone is affected by it. I have found that in most working environments people don’t own up to their mistakes or even worse they blame others.

But in a kitchen you can’t do this. Working as a chef is very stressful and the hours are long but you have the chance to make something which people are prepared to pay a lot of money for. (It’s true that most chefs will never get to see the responses of patrons enjoying their creations).

Now, contrast this with working in an office. You read emails and answer calls. Occasionally you will have a meeting. But you never actually produce anything that will have a direct influence on people.

I have tried and mostly failed to work in offices. I’m not prepared to have my intellect challenged by some of the banal conversations I would be forced to hear.

Part of why I have found it hard to find good work is because I don’t think I was ever prepared properly for a life of work at school.

Yes, there was the occasional career talk but little that was going to be really helpful to me. In any case, when you’re in education up to the age of 18, you feel as though the world of work is a long way off.

When I was 11 I was desperate to become an actor, but that wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps if I’d been to auditions instead of school?

Then I had the idea of being a journalist, but you need top grades and the willingness to work for free for a long time until you start earning any money.

At university I studied film but there was never a clear idea of how I might make a career out of it. I tried and gave up very shortly after finishing my degree (perhaps I gave up too soon).

Now I’m a teacher. It’s not a vocation for me and sometimes I wonder why I do it. People say that you should do what you’re good at but unfortunately for some people that won’t always be what you will enjoy doing.

I also studied law and although I found it interesting but I know I’ll never be able to be a lawyer.

So for now I will continue to teach for as long as I can and continue the blogging until I find something I really want to do.

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