Some nice Korean snacks

Here are some tasty Korean snacks I have tried recently. Most are made by the giant conglomerate Lotte, one of Korea’s biggest companies. It was named after the heroine of Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther.



Kind of like a Wagon Wheel, the Choco-Pie has a chocolate coating with a marshmallow and biscuit middle. These have are so famous that they have been featured in films such as Joint Security Area, where North Koreans reconsider their allegiance after tasting one of these delicious cookies.



These long sticks are so popular that there is even a special day for them on November 11th. according to wikipedia, they are involved in a controversy with Japanese snack Pocky.

Margaret cake


These taste slightly sweet, with a nutty filling. A little bit like a peanut butter cookie, they are very soft in the middle.

Strawberry Pie

strawberry pie

Eating one of these is like being transported to the streets of Paris. Well, not exactly. The flaky pastry broke off everywhere and the strawberry jam tasted a bit unnatural. I also got annoyed by the effort to unwrap each tiny piece of pastry and the amount of plastic is very wasteful. Still, the novelty of these is fun.






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