Diary of a Romance Part 3

Its amazing how many things you start to be come aware of when you start seeing someone. Like the cleanliness of your bedroom. If its just gonna be me in there, I don’t bother keeping it clean. I let clothes pile up in messy piles; books and paper clutter themselves on the floor. I get used to things staying in this way because its only me and I don’t think I deserve any better. Its a bit like Teri Hatcher’s Burnt Toast idea (you know how when you burn a piece of toast, but you eat it anyway because you don’t think you deserve a new piece).

When I knew that Miho would be coming over often, I started to think about my room and spend time cleaning it. Firstly, I made an effort to pick up all my worn clothes and keep them in one place. Its a habit I’ve gotten into and its taking real effort to change. Next are papers and books. I have far too many and I don’t have enough shelves, so inevitably, they aren’t properly arranged. What to do with cosmetics? I seem to accumulate moisturisers and shampoo. I have really dry skin so moisturising is important. I currently have a tub of body butter (which I don’t use by the way) anti-aging moisturiser, Nivea cream….. All scattered about. They all need to go somewhere.

So here’s what I’ve got planned for date weekend no 3:

I’m meeting Miho in Wimbledon in the afternoon. There is a Uniqlo store there that we like. I’m such a fan of their clothes. They change their stock regularly so there’s always something new. So we’ll try and find some good outfits.

Then, I need to get her back home quickly.

Sunday 7 February

We went to Uniqlo. Miho helped me pick out a shirt and a belt. We bought some groceries at the Morrison’s store for the morning.

The train from Wimbledon to New Malden takes five minutes but can’t get there fast enough as far as I’m concerned. There’s two more stops to make before we’re home.

The Place cafe (I’ve mentioned it on here before) is the best coffee shop around. So we go there and I order a Macchiato and carrot cake with an Americano for Miho. Man, the carrot cake is good. Lastly, we make a quick detour to discount supermarket Lidl, which has a good wine selection. I select a Bordeaux.

It’s just before 4pm and I’ve taken Miho upstairs. I don’t make a drink or anything. I ask her if she thinks that my room is cleaner and she says she can’t see any change (she’s lying, it is cleaner and there aren’t so many piles of crap everywhere).

I ordered some massage oil from Amazon in the week. It’s a bit strong like they overdid the essential oils but it’s fun squeezing oil on to Miho’s body.

I think I will try a softer, sweeter smell next time. Another weird thing about oil (I’ve never really used it) is it actually applies another layer to your skin). after sex Miho puts some of the oil on me, for an hour I can still feel the oil on my skin. Unpleasant.

I’ve got the movie sorted. It’s the South Korean film Always. always

I’ve watched it before but it’s nice to watch it again with Miho. You always see more on the second viewing.

Then it’s dinner. 9 times out of 10, it’s never a good idea to eat in restaurants when they’re busy. Not only are the staff feeling stressed, the food isn’t at it’s best. (I guess it’s because the head chef is probably off on Saturday night). Even worse, we have to wait 15 minutes for a table to be ready.

Sometimes, in spite of convenience, restaurants aren’t any better than eating at home. It does depend on the restaurant of course. It’s Valentine’s Day next week. I’m considering two venues. There’s Sakura, which would be great because it’s Japanese. But expensive. I think Pizza east would it be a great choice. It’s in Notting Hill and has a great vibe. But it’s no big deal. In Japan it’s the women who buy chocolates for men. Nothing like our crappy Valentine’s Day here.


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