Diary of a romance part 7

Miho asked if she could see me tomorrow. It’s a big deal for me (I’ll explain why later). We met each other yesterday and she stayed the night. Normally I work on Friday’s, but I didn’t feel like going in today. I have been feeling groggy all week and knowing that Miho would have some time to see me (*Friday is her day off) gave me the impetus to call work and tell them that I wouldn’t be coming in today.

So instead of waking up bleary eyed, running around frantically trying to get ready, as per most mornings) I stayed in bed for an extra two hours more, having sex with Miho, and then eating eggs on toast with cheese slices and almond croissants. Well, how am I supposed to get better if I don’t do the things I enjoy?

Scan 18
Mihi knows that I love K-Pop, so she asked her mum to mail me this CD all the way from Japan,

Back to what I was saying earlier, the matter of Miho asking to see me tomorrow is a very big deal for the following reasons: Miho asked me if she could see me – showing that it was her idea) and two, it showed that she considered the time spent time with me a higher priority than any of the other things she could be doing with her weekend That for me is dedication. In fact, it may encourage me to start taking monogamy seriously…

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