Diary of a romance part 7

I’ve been single and I’ve been in a relationship.

I’m a different person when I’m with Miho.

For example: If I watch a film by myself and I don’t like it after the first 15 minutes, I tend to stop watching. But when we watch films together, we tend to watch them right through to the end, because it feels like we’ve made a commitment to watch a film together – so there is a feeling that we’re investing more of our time in it.

we watched this film together. If I had watched it alone, I’d have switched off after 10 minutes.

Another thing is I’m more tempted to go out places and possibly socialise than when I was alone. For example, last weekend we went to Wimbledon to watch stock car racing. (for those who don’t know what this is, its when cars which are written off are raced around a track, often smashing into each other, its the opposite of Formula 1, in other words). I don’t think I would have gone by myself. In fact if I had done, it would have been terrible. But Miho and I had a great time together, precisely because we were experiencing it together, so our enjoyment was heightened.

I’m sure that I’ve said it before  – but its worth repeating, -it’s a world made for two…

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