Have white girls become undateable?

It struck me recently that I haven’t been on a date, had a sexual encounter or initiated anything romantic with a white woman for well over two years.

By white, I mean British, but I guess I’m referring to really any women from Western countries (think North America, the UK and Scandinavia).

I’m English, yet I can’t get an English girlfriend. A quick Internet search revealed that I’m not isolated in my situation. Yet, I look around me and I see white guys with women from Asian countries all the time.  And although I’m not personally interested, I hear positive things about women from former Eastern bloc countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

It got me thinking; if there was no mass immigration from international countries, I daresay I’d be alone, or I’d be stuck getting nowhere with English girls.

It’s no secret that there are many white guys who are intimidated (or just plain turned off) by a certain kind of white woman. The huge migration of women from China, Japan and South Korea to the UK (and US) has meant it’s never been easier for a white guy to find himself a beautiful Asian woman. And a lot of these guys find that that they do pretty well with girls form these countries whereas they wouldn’t have any play with native girls. Seriously, some of the guys who are merely average looking can find themselves with some stunning girls.

It hasn’t always been this way. At university the competition for most semi-decent women was fierce, and in any case most women weren’t interested in men who came their way. You guessed it, it was an English university and overwhelmingly populated by British students.

I’ve heard dismissive comments from some corners that men prefer Asian women because they are more submissive than western women. I’ll save this contentious issue for another day, another blog post.

But it’s true that you can be a lot more comfortable being a man among Asian women. And I’ve never met a single Asian woman who actively hates men.

It’s been said too, on Internet forums,  that Western women are impossible to please. You know what I’m talking about: women who are never satisfied because the guy doesn’t earn at least $100,000 and drive a Porsche. I’m exaggerating, but only by a little.

A look at the Guardian Soulmates dating column – in which a typical male Guardian reader (check-shirt, beard) is paired up with typical female Guardian reader (works in PR or marketing and has an asymmetrical haircut) reveals what the problem is. The date always go wrong, because the woman complains that there wasn’t any chemistry, there was no spark, the guy wasn’t funny enough. Exactly how funny a complete stranger is expected to be on a first date is not given much thought.

And so it goes….

It’s tough for everyone in the world of sex and relationships. But matters aren’t helped when you bring game-playing, flakiness and sky-high expectations into play. Something which isn’t a problem with girls from other countries who will give you their number if they are interested and then meet you straight away, with none of the

I want the last word to come from the Social Network, that classic of male computer geeks unleashing their inner yellow fever.

A group of Harvard students, including Mark Zuckerberg, are at Jewish mixer which is playing Caribbean music. Opposite them stands a cluster of dancing Asian women.

Here Brenda Song plays the role of Eduardo Saverin’s girlfriend Christy in The Social Network.

“There’s an algorithm for the connection between Jewish guys and Asian girls,” one of Zuckerberg’s friends says wryly. “They’re hot, smart, not Jewish and can dance.”


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