Diary of a romance, part 9

It looks like this is not the last of these posts as I have responded to the high level of interest in this topic.

I have found that one downside to spending your time with someone is that people assume that you just want to be alone with them. Friends stop calling; the invitations dry up.

We’re doing just fine. I’ve booked a holiday in Berlin next month so that will be great. I’ve arranged to meet my friend Max who has promised to be our personal tour guide for the trip.

We watched a travel program showing us some of the amazing sights (such as the zoo with Panda Bear ‘Bao Bao’ and a Polar Bear called Cnut). Plus they have special tours of the Eastern part of the city in Trabant cars. Sadly, I’ve just read that both of these bears died a few years ago. I must start watching more up-to-date travel guides.

Bao Bao was the oldest Panda Bear to have been raised in captivity. Sadly, he died a few years ago.

What else? It’s nearly 100 days since we started seeing each other so that calls for some kind of celebration.  Suggestions welcome please!

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