My thoughts on the EU referendum.

We’ve always felt isolated from mainland Europe. We have a suspicion of anything ‘foreign,’ only accepting them when they are made acceptable to our English taste (see Indian curries, which are nothing like authentic curries in India).

Does South Korea have a problem with women?

The recent news coming out of Korea has not been good. Aside from the prospect of Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear weapons build-up, there has been the continuing controversy of the government’s response to the Sewol ferry. In the last two weeks there have been two articles from Western publications which have highighted the limits which womenContinue reading “Does South Korea have a problem with women?”

Remembering Sewol

Two years ago a passenger ferry carrying 476 people┬ásank off the coast of Jeju Island, South Korea. 304 lives were lost, including 250 high school students who were en route to Jeju Island for a school trip. To this day, no government body or official has accepted responsibility for the event or given any formContinue reading “Remembering Sewol”

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