Film Review

The Last Emperor Dir Bernardo Bertolluci Hong Kong/GB/ 1987 He was three years old when he ascended the throne and made history. Yet, his life was controlled by others and he was a puppet for the 6 years of his reign. The Last Emperor is an incredible story. First off, when did any other filmContinue reading “Film Review”

Restaurant review Jin Go Gae

With over 20 restaurants serving Korean food in New Malden, finding the right one can be difficult. Following the crowds leads you to Jin Go Gae, which is away from the hight street along an unprepossessing road off the A3 fly-over. Don’t let the destination fool you – this is a great restaurant. We startedContinue reading “Restaurant review Jin Go Gae”

On Yellow Fever

These days you can’t get anywhere with out someone being called out for having yellow fever. Lets talk about what it means honestly, without resorting to ugly name-calling that usually comes out of discussions around this subject. The term’s been around for a while and is similar to the derisory term Jungle Fever to describeContinue reading “On Yellow Fever”

Diary of a romance, part 10

Its been 6 months since I’ve been going out with Miho and I’m very happy that we’ve made it this far. Unfortunately Miho is going back to Japan next month because her visa runs out. August is flashing before me like a red light. I can’t believe I’m going to say goodbye to this lovelyContinue reading “Diary of a romance, part 10”

My thoughts on Margaret Cho and Ali Wong

Recently I have watched two live stand up comic shows by well known American female comediennes who both have Asian ethnicities. I don;t normally enjoy watching   full-length stand-up acts. I find them to be very self-indulgent. However, being a lover of anything Asian, I felt I had to give them a try. Ali WongContinue reading “My thoughts on Margaret Cho and Ali Wong”

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