Restaurant review Jin Go Gae

With over 20 restaurants serving Korean food in New Malden, finding the right one can be difficult. Following the crowds leads you to Jin Go Gae, which is away from the hight street along an unprepossessing road off the A3 fly-over.

Don’t let the destination fool you – this is a great restaurant.

We started with an incredible kimchi pancake which combined delicate pieces of cabbage with the lightest of batters. each slice was dipped into a bowl vinegar and soy sauce condiment. The pancake was luscious, and so light.


Three bowls of banchan were brought out. We had seasoned bean sprouts, a dish of sliced kimchi and a terrific potato salad with chunks of potato and cucumber in a sweet mayonnaise sauce.

I wasn’t sure we would have much room for barbecue but somehow we did. The kalbi was sliced long-ways and laid down carefully on the hot metal grill under which hot charcoals were laid in a cauldron laid into the table.

We ordered squid too, which cam unwarranted. We dipped it into samjjang sauce and then we wrapped it up in lettuce leaves.

If you come here regularly the waitresses will start to recognise you and remember you as though an old friend.

Groups of contented Korean families sat eating happily opposite us and smaller tables were to the back of the restaurant. As we finished, there was a queue of people already waiting outside. At the front of the restaurant a group of young adults were celebrating someone’s birthday. It was busy but not somehow not noisy. This place is perfect for a friendly meal, and at other times during the week this would be an ideal date spot.



Food 4.5/5

Service 4/5

Ambience 4/5



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