What NOT to say on a language exchange

A language exchange can be a great way to improve language learning and sharing each other’s culture. Oh, but before you get carried away, here are some things to be aware of. First of all, its good if you are both at a similar level. Some of the language exchanges I have been on haveContinue reading “What NOT to say on a language exchange”

Diary of romance, part 11: Goodbye

I finally said goodbye to Miho tonight. She is leaving for Japan tomorrow. I decided against going with her to the airport for obvious reasons. It would be too drawn-out and unnecessarily painful for both of us. We came back from a holiday in Spain on Friday and have been making the most of ourContinue reading “Diary of romance, part 11: Goodbye”

Korean Englishman – what’s the big deal?

If you’re Korean, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Korean Englishman, a young priest who has made dozens of  massively popular Youtube videos. When I say popular, I’m talking in the 100,000s of views for videos such as 처음 써보는 한국 어플 “스노우”에 푹 빠진 영국 친구들!! In Korea, it seems there is a fascinationContinue reading “Korean Englishman – what’s the big deal?”

Is the Korean wave over?

The main markets for Korean entertainment has been in other Asian countries but as they develop their own entertainment (or simply improve the ones they already have) there will be less dominance by Korean culture. This is particularly true of Japan and China who have often been fiercely nationalistic.

Which is better; Korea or Japan?

Of course, in an ideal world, there would be just one country, a combination of the two called “Japorea” or “Korpan”. There is so much these great countries have in common. They have similar environments and climate. They like similar music and films. Let’s put it to the test. Starting with: Language Japansese is aContinue reading “Which is better; Korea or Japan?”

The Bright Courtyard

The Bright Courtyard, London W1 What’s the most romantic cuisine you can think of? It used to be French cuisine. All those rich dishes and so-called aphrodisiacs like oysters. Or maybe Italian? Ever since the cute couple in The Lady and The Trump slurped on a spaghetti strand there has been an allure about ItalianContinue reading “The Bright Courtyard”

The Joy Luck Club

When Wayne Wang was brought out to direct the film of Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club, it must have seemed like a dream come true for fans of Asian cinema. With Oliver Stone as producer and several of the hottest Asian actresses in tow this looked like a surefire hit. Unfortunately, it really missedContinue reading “The Joy Luck Club”

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