Korean Englishman – what’s the big deal?

If you’re Korean, you’ll almost certainly have heard of Korean Englishman, a young priest who has made dozens of  massively popular Youtube videos. When I say popular, I’m talking in the 100,000s of views for videos such as 처음 써보는 한국 어플 “스노우”에 푹 빠진 영국 친구들!!

In Korea, it seems there is a fascination when it comes to foreigners (particularly from England) who can speak Korean. Make that any Korean. To some people, this could be a little patronising. Yes, Korean is a difficult language to learn but it’s not impossible. Of course, it helps if you attended a Korean school since 11, as Josh Carrott, one of the presenters did.


Love him or hate him, (and I find myself in the latter category) you can’t deny the success of these videos in promoting Korean culture and in providing a link between UK and Korea. They may be the reason why so many young Koreans are interested in England.

It’s possible that these videos could help English people learn Korean, but it depends on your level of tolerance for endless joking around, fast edits and pop-up captions every five seconds. Maybe I’m jealous because, however hard I try, I will never reach the same level of mastery of the Korean language.

What do you think?

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