What NOT to say on a language exchange

A language exchange can be a great way to improve language learning and sharing each other’s culture.

Oh, but before you get carried away, here are some things to be aware of. First of all, its good if you are both at a similar level. Some of the language exchanges I have been on have been with near fluent English learners so we tended to speak mostly in English.

I suppose because of the high number of women using language websites such as MyLanguageexchange.com mean that for some men it’s more of a dating website.

Here’s an exchange of emails that show just how foolish this can be:

Lewis Haynes: I can’t just give up on a beautiful single girl like u just like that

Girl: haha okie. you’d better find right one in UK

Lewis Haynes: There are so many girls here but I found  attraction in u pretty

I can’t take my eyes of u and my thought girl.

Girl: stop–

I feel gross (emoticon)

Despite the fact that she is clearly not interested, he carries on in the same vein.

Am serious babe. Am not a kid that don’t know what they feels.

Girl: I don’t want it, I’m sorry seriously

Lewis: Wish u can look in to deep my heart u will not say what u are saying right now.

Girl: haha time will tell

Lewis: It can only tell if u can give me chance to prove to you what I’m saying right now. Really like u so much wish I am living in Korea I wouldn’t have let him take u away…

He sends her several more messages despite the fact that she stops replying to him at this point.

This kind of thing is bad for everyone because women become mistrustful of using language exchange websites and it makes it more difficult for men who simply want to improve their new language.

Somehow the opportunity to message dozens of women mean that some men fell they can use it to tell a complete stranger all of their fantasises. But it shouldn’t put people off completely.

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