Train to Busan “Busanhaeng” film review

You may think you know all about zombies but have you wondered what it would be like to be on a train with fifty of them all running after you and gnashing at your ankles? Zombies on a train is the premise of this film, a big hit in South Korea. If you had noContinue reading “Train to Busan “Busanhaeng” film review”

What attracts white men to Asian women?

With so many white men in relationships with women from Asian countries, I thought it would be interesting to document some of the most famous of white/asian couples. To be honest, we all no the stereotype of the geeky white guy who can’t get anywhere with women of his own kind, so he finds moreContinue reading “What attracts white men to Asian women?”

Female K-fans: are they ruining things for the rest of us?

Sometimes it’s not easy to be  a fan of Korea. The language is very difficult for one thing. The country can be hard to understand and the people can be fairly intolerant of foreigners (not all, but definitely some). What makes it really difficult are the many fans who seem to like Korea because ofContinue reading “Female K-fans: are they ruining things for the rest of us?”

Coffee: what’s going on?

I really like coffee. I always buy a decent blend when I go to the supermarket and I love finishing dinner at a restaurant with a rich double espresso. Now, whenever I go somewhere for a coffee, I find that I am served something completely different in aroma and taste to what I drink atContinue reading “Coffee: what’s going on?”

Tunnel film review

It doesn’t seem long ago when Korean film makers were dazzling the world with prizewinners at International festivals such as Oldboy  and Pieta. As well as these harsh ,violent films there were gentle odes to Buddhism (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring) and the magnificent Untold Scandal, which set the story of Dangerous Liaisons in theContinue reading “Tunnel film review”

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