What attracts white men to Asian women?

With so many white men in relationships with women from Asian countries, I thought it would be interesting to document some of the most famous of white/asian couples.

To be honest, we all no the stereotype of the geeky white guy who can’t get anywhere with women of his own kind, so he finds more action with women from Asia (who probably find white guys more attractive than men from their own countries). True, their are plenty of nothing-special-about-them men with what seem to be amazing women. How do they do it? I don’t know the answers. But some men are just attracted to women from other countries (more than their own).

Here are three great examples of super-successful white men who also happen to have married Oriental women.

John Lennon

It has to start with Lennon. The question that always gets asked is why he could have been attracted to Yoko when he could have had almost any woman in the world. People can’t seem to accept that he could have been in love with her. I find it touching that they were always together; wherever he went, she went too. It’s no surprise that he was unable to live without her. In fact, Yoko was by his side the night he was tragically shot in New York City.

73636Mark Zuckerberg


Although the film the Social Network portrayed him as a near-sociopath who couldn’t get over his girlfriend breaking up with him, in real life Zuckerberg seems to have done more than ok for himself. He married his Harvard girlfriend Priscilla Chan in  2009. No doubt he could’t find someone to match his wife’s intellect and beauty amongst his fellow white students.

Woody Allen


After three marriages and one very complicated relationship with Mia Farrow, Allen married Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi. Although he had never had legal rights as an adoptive parent, there was to some a disturbing hint of psychological incest about their relationship. 20 years on and maybe it’s not so strange. The couple seem to understand, support and care for each other (the foundations on which love is built on).


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