2nd Scandal threatens to engulf South Korean President

You may not have heard about this unless you have been following the Korean news online. You certainly wouldn’t find anything about it in the crap blogs that think the only interesting things going on in Korea are k-pop and couple t-shirts. But this is really worth paying attention to. It concerns Geun-Hye’s advisor,Choi Soon-gil,Continue reading “2nd Scandal threatens to engulf South Korean President”

Scandal threatens South Korean President Park

As the financial Times reported on Friday, President Park is facing the biggest challenge to her presidency. The allegations are that two of her closest advisers forced donations from two of the largest conglomerates into non-profit organisations. Her approval ratings are now at 26%, the lowest since she became President in 2013. It’s claimed thatContinue reading “Scandal threatens South Korean President Park”

2 famous Korean actor scandals

The first ‘scandal’ concerns Kim Min Hee’s affair with the much older and married director Hang Sang Soo (Ha Ha Ha). Ever since the affair was confirmed, the actress has ¬†suffered negative publicity with many refusing to watch her films in the cinema. The situation has become so bad that she has been forced toContinue reading “2 famous Korean actor scandals”

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