First impressions of Seoul

My first day in Seoul took memail to Insadong where I am staying in a traditional style Hanok.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet public spaces were. Especially open spaces such as cafés. I didn’t hear a single person shouting into a mobile phone.

Second, the streets areally very clean and I didn’t see any rubbish on the ground.

You can buy hot food anywhere and the snack food carts are really popular.

Although the weather hit below freezing, people were carrying on as usual without being overly wrapped-up against the cold.

I’ve been able to practise speaking Korean and have had good responses sof far.

It might be slightly more rule based than in London and I have noticed there are signs everywhere regarding how and where to board a bus.

I have eaten only in one restaurant and the standard was very high.that’s it for now.

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