Korean girls vs Japanese girls

It seems that Korean girls are extremely popular these days, with several websites going in to great detail about how they make the best girlfriends. I know that men are easily attracted to good looking women, but physical attraction will only get you so far. I’m not going to argue with most of the claimsContinue reading “Korean girls vs Japanese girls”

Things I wish I had known about South Korea before travelling there

It’s not as cheap as people say Having said that, the food is cheaper than in most other countries. Particularly Japanese and Korean. But if you want to eat imported food, I’m sure its more expensive. Travel is cheaper than many countries, but accommodation can be expensive if you want to stay somewhere comfortable. IContinue reading “Things I wish I had known about South Korea before travelling there”

My first visit to South Korea

First, let’s get past the over-familiar, guidebook cliches written about South Korea: It’s a land of contrasts (often the first sentence of many travel guides); its one of the most rapidly developing of Asian countries (actually it was, but the economy has been slowing down in the last few years; the country doesn’t have anyContinue reading “My first visit to South Korea”

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