Hell Choson?

A recent survey for Global Citizenship claims that South Korean young adults report some of the highest levels of dissatisfaction of any country. The study gives South Korea a net happiness score of 29%, which was the second lowest out of the 20 countries represented in the study.Yet if you look further down, you can seeContinue reading “Hell Choson?”

Why North Korea isn’t so bad

In the last few years, there have been several first point accounts of survivors who have left North Korea. Now, I don’t happen to have read all of them but I can give a fair summary of the typical scenario. Many of the recent testimonies, alhough not all, come from young women, who had toContinue reading “Why North Korea isn’t so bad”

Why are K-pop fans so unattractive?

Now this post may upset people so I will ask the question straight away: Why are so many fans of K-pop music so freaking ugly? If you think about it, the fans you normally see listening to k-music, attending concerts or looking at fan merchandise are hardly attractive. But when it comes to the musiciansContinue reading “Why are K-pop fans so unattractive?”

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