Professor Robert Kelly’s news interview becomes an internet sensation

1 week ago, Robert Kelly was living a fairly anonymous existence. I guess few people knew anything about him. This was until an unexpected incident involving his two kids and an unlocked door. in the interview Kelly was responding to some serious questions about the possibility of a shift in North Korean relations when theContinue reading “Professor Robert Kelly’s news interview becomes an internet sensation”

The other North Korea

I’m looking at the latest cover of Newsweek. A full-page headshot of a grinning Kim Jong-un stares out. His hair is flecked with several grey strands makes him seem much older. His haircut, completely shaved two inches above the ears means he is¬†instantly recognisable. He looks almost comical, like one of Orwell’s pigs in AnimalContinue reading “The other North Korea”

10 million ticket films: What they reveal about Korean audiences

For a small country, South Korea has a very healthy film industry. It is sometimes considered to be one of the healthiest from industries. South Korean films have always done well at the Home Box office, often doing better than American giants such as Star Wars and Titanic. The measure by which a film isContinue reading “10 million ticket films: What they reveal about Korean audiences”