My Korean adventure

All of the admin and paperwork is really taking its toll. Actually I applied twice to Korean  companies last year. EPIK is the official company which finds positions for EFL teachers in Korea. Their form is more than twenty pages long, and it’s notorious for me of the questions asked. For example, it asks howContinue reading “My Korean adventure”

Jeon Do-yeon – a profile of Korea’s number 1 actress

For five years, Do-yeon toiled away in Korean dramas, the likes of which have been long forgotten. Yet her first film, Contact (1997), was an instant success. Starring alongside Han Sukkyu, Doyeon’s direct and warm personality endeared herself to audiences. It was perfect casting for her. The film was a response to the internet andContinue reading “Jeon Do-yeon – a profile of Korea’s number 1 actress”

Men Without Women

Haruki Murakami: Men Without Women Another Murakami book has been published, with this one being  his fourth collection of short stories. I had a rush of excitement when I opened the cover and started reading the first story. Murakami creates a world of mystery in the most ordinary of settings. He can write the most ordinaryContinue reading “Men Without Women”

The problem with Korean women

It had all started so well. Recently I got speaking to a nice Korean girl and we were getting on so well that we exchanged numbers and got Kakao talk ids. Instead of calling it a day we continued talking and I asked if she wanted to go on somewhere. The cinema was down theContinue reading “The problem with Korean women”

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