Movie Review: Golden Slumber (2017)

When everyone assumes that you’re guilty, how can you prove your innocence? Delivery worker and all-round nice guy Kim Gun-woo Gang Dong Won achieved fame unintentionally when he saved a pop star from a serious accident, but he wants to be treated the same as everyone else. His happiest memories are of playing in aContinue reading “Movie Review: Golden Slumber (2017)”

지금 만나러 갑니다 (Be With You)

This film is a misguided attempt to make a what if? romance. Starting from the fact that the two main leads are too young and good looking to be believable as the parents of a ten year old boy, the film is poorly directed by a director who wastes no opportunity to drown his clichedContinue reading “지금 만나러 갑니다 (Be With You)”

1 is the saddest number

You know I’ve been in Korea for over five months and although I love nearly everything about living here, there’s just a few things that bother me. Most of them I can deal with. But the number one problem is that in Korea the group is everything. I knew this before I came but IContinue reading “1 is the saddest number”

The problems of Airbnb

Using Airbnb   I’ve now been using Airbnb for most of my accommodation for more than a year Here’s what I’ve found: Check locations carefully, print a map before you go With many buildings tucked away, it can be difficult, even with Google maps. to find the place. I spent more than hour looking forContinue reading “The problems of Airbnb”

Korean actor suicide is another #metoo victim

You might think that a news story about a Korean celebrity killing themselves is small news but the recent suicide of actor Jo Min-ki has led to fears that the ever-growing #metoo movement is getting out of hand. Indeed, it has led to many claiming it is a witch-hunt and anti-male. The actor’s death wasContinue reading “Korean actor suicide is another #metoo victim”

Vegan restaurant in Busan: review

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my diet. It’s hard to say why, but I’m beginning to lose interest in meat. Although I’ve eaten meat my whole life, I find myself questioning whether I should continue to do so. But in Korea at least 90% of the restaurants serve meat, and it’s hardContinue reading “Vegan restaurant in Busan: review”

1st Birth control advert showed in Korean cinema

You might have noticed if you had visited the cinema last month that there was one advert that stood out from the rest, which was shown before the main features of several major films in Korean theaters. Nestled between familiar commercials for Maxim coffee and insurance companies was a short clip for a company calledContinue reading “1st Birth control advert showed in Korean cinema”

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