1st Birth control advert showed in Korean cinema

You might have noticed if you had visited the cinema last month that there was one advert that stood out from the rest, which was shown before the main features of several major films in Korean theaters. Nestled between familiar commercials for Maxim coffee and insurance companies was a short clip for a company called Maybora (마이보라), which is the proprietary name for a company that makes birth control pills. The advert shows a sassy and confident young woman (Yura from Girl’s Day) rollerblading, meeting her boyfriend and going bowling. As far as sex, there is none, but I guess the implication is that by having already taken the pill, the girl in the clip can be prepared for any eventuality.

The ad happens to be the first time a Korean K-Pop singer has ever endorsed such a product. It’s a decision which some fans have criticized, even though the advert by no means authorises casual sex. When it comes to contraception, the pill is only taken by 2.5% women of reproductive age.

The interesting thing about Korean society is that from watching many dramas (where its common for the couple to get around to kissing in the 13th episode) you’d think that nobody ever has sex. Yet sex is not exactly hard to find. its just that here are so many double standards when it comes to women. Perhaps the ad will mark a turning point to attitudes to female sexuality. Time will tell.



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