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Movie Review: Golden Slumber (2017)

Dangerous Friend: Gang Dong-won and Han Hyo-Ju in Golden Slumber

When everyone assumes that you’re guilty, how can you prove your innocence?

Delivery worker and all-round nice guy Kim Gun-woo Gang Dong Won achieved fame unintentionally when he saved a pop star from a serious accident, but he wants to be treated the same as everyone else. His happiest memories are of playing in a band when he was in high school, giving the director an excuse to use the song Golden Slumber as much as possible. When he meets up with old school friend, it’s the start of events that see his regular lifestyle turned completely on its head.

There is a presidential election approaching. it’s campaign season in Seoul.His friend calls him to warn him that he is about to be set up in a conspiracy by a secret group who want to kill the president.

With every clue pointing to his guilt, he is forced to go on the run. Which is not easy when everyone already knows who he is, and there are CCTV cameras everywhere. For the first 30 minutes it’s a breathless chase film, but in the second half the film slows down as he meets up with people who help him prove his innocence. He’s forced into some shady places where he must get the help of ordinary people to assist him.

Meanwhile, two of his friends who believe his innocence do everything they can to help him.They are 한효주(SunYoung), a radio reporter; and 김대명, a band-mate who now works as a divorce lawyer.

The flashbacks to the days when the floppy-haired Gun-woo was playing guitar and going on dates with his high school girlfriend are a counterpoint to the action sequences. For me these interfered with the plot and simply made it harder to follow the story. But there’s no denying the excitement provided by this man on the run film.

In a nutshell: an exciting action movie with sentimental moments. The excellent title song by The Beatles really lifts the film above it’s sometimes drab visual backdrops. Gang Don-won is perhaps a little too gentle to convince in the role. Interestingly he plays two characters in the film: he is also a villain who has plastic surgery so that he can look just like the real Gun-woo.

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