Two Film museums in Japan

Two film museums in Japan. Studio Ghibli Museum Juzo Itami Museum As one of the most popular attractions in Japan, tickets are very hard to get hold of. You can only get them in advance. You are given a time slot. And that’s it. Bow, I have no issue with popular places and I understandContinue reading “Two Film museums in Japan”

Getting disillusioned with South Korea

How long did it for you to become disillusioned with South Korea? For me, the moment came when I attended my company dinner in March. They got us to come to a big wedding hall venue near Somyeon. We were told to arrive at 5:30 but had to sit around for hours while they keptContinue reading “Getting disillusioned with South Korea”

Hochi Bochi – Restaurant review

Hochi Bochi restaurant Sometimes restaurants deliver in some unexpected ways and I react in different ways to how I imagined I would. Like when I went to Hochi Bochi restaurant in Chiba recently. I was lured in by the varied Okonimiyaki on offer restaurant. The restaurant has a very unique atmosphere With low level tablesContinue reading “Hochi Bochi – Restaurant review”

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