New post

I was going to tell you about my latest sexual adventures. Then I thought you were probably tired of hearing about that. But I still need to write my regular blog post.

Last week I watched a concert performance by Eddie Murphy called ‘Raw’. Filmed in the eighties, when Murphy was the massive star of Beverly Hills Cop, it’s a stand-up performance that broke records when it came out. Not only is Eddie Murphy a brilliant comic, with perfect timing in his set-ups, Eddie Murphy is able to work his audience to just the right level so that his jokes always land where they should.

The show also uses language that I suspect wouldn’t be as socially acceptable today – particularly when it comes to women. In fact, whilst some of the jokes are likely to be misogynistic now, they get as much applause from the women in the audience as the men.

Then, curiuous about other black comics, I watched the famous ‘Black People Vs Niggas’ from Chris Rock’s massive ‘Bring the Pain’ tour. It’s scary how much truth there is. Watching it feels like being given a massive sociology lesson whilst laughing really hard at the same time. Once again, the language used (in particular, the word nigga, would get Chris Rock thrown in jail if he did the same act today), but the segment is so true in a way that most stand-up isn’t. Why don’t more black celebrities go down the road of highlighting the flaws of many black people? If blacks are treated with prejudice, it’s only because some blacks act in ways that invites poor treatment, and lack of respect. I guess no-one wants to alienate their audience. I watched Kevin Hart. Although he was good, I don’t think he can ever match the savage emotional truth of Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock. But then, few comics can.

The fact is, we are living in times when people find offence all around them, and it’s ruining freedom of expression. Movies are being watered down, with limited nudity, sex scenes or bad language. People are so stroppy and highly strung. I long ago stopped dating white girls. They are far too picky and always find something to complain about. Take this one girl who blanched when I delicately proffered splitting the bill at a restaurant. I didn’t meet her again after that. And even when I talk with white women, I sense a real real reluctance for open conversation or intimacy. It’s hard to talk to them without a reason first. And flirting is almost impossible! Meanwhile, girls from Japan and China don’t care about splitting the bill, will happily have sex on the first date, if that’s what they want. So if you’re tired of political correctness, feel like you can’t speak your mind, or that there’s no one to have sex with, look east. Look east and don’t look back.