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Why Shang Chi is the worst Marvel Film

As far as I’m concerned, the film is a dud. ALsmost no real excitement is generated from it’s bizarre time-crossing scenario. It’s been said that Marvel has a problem with featuring Asian characters, but this film fails to do for Asians what Black Panther did for black people.

Here are the reasons why I hated this movie:

  1. Slow start. What was the point of the half hour spent showing us how boring the main character’s life is?
  2. Awkwafina. What was she doing in the movie? She doesn’t provide anything to add to the story, neither does she perform any kung fu.
  3. Script. I was groaning most of the time from the leaden and clunky dialogue.
  4. where’s the kung fu? Apart from the bus sequence, where Shang uses a metal pole to take out some villains, he simply stands around the whole time.
  5. the CGI made most scenes look totally unbelievable.
  6. There’s no romance whatsoever. Compare to a film about martial arts which was full of action, spectacle and love – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
  7. Simu Liu – totally unsuited to the part. Why not cast a Chinese born actor who can convincingly speak Mandarin?
  8. The music – thumping bass heavy chords just got louder during supposedly exciting scenes.
  9. The film’s obvious pandering to Chinese audiences mean that the villain isn’t able to be seen as showing Chinese people in a bad light, so it means he comes across totally non-threateningly, and bland.

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      2. Hello, it was only supposed to be like a clickbait. The video ended before the real action happened. It’s hard to know what to do with it.
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        Tbh, youtube might’ve actually saved you from a much bigger problem.

        Anyways happy holidays and all that. I’d been somewhat following your channel. Not so much because of your content, but more an interest in seeing if there was more depth to you than “yellow fever pervert”. You’d let that side show from time to time. When I saw your channel go down, I feared for a moment that maybe something serious had happened, so decided to check up on you here. Glad you’re alright, even if you are still a pervert ;p

  1. Why didn’t you allow my last post? I was genuinely concerned for your well being! Enough to post messages on your website and confirm you were alive, which is a lot more than many of your viewers, I might add.

    1. Hi Benji, thanks for your comments and concern. there’s no actual reason why your comment wasn’t automatically approved. I’ll be uploading new videos under a different account and posting links on twitter, which I believe you are following me on.

      1. I actually don’t have a twitter account. Or any social media accounts aside from anonymous youtube names. I got rid of all of them some 8 years ago now, and I’m much better for it.

        But, I’ll still be able to check your twitter if you post your handle here or somewhere else on your site.

        I’m not actually being sarcastic at all when I said I was concerned about your well being. I may disagree with you on things, but you actually come across as a reasonably decent person. I just wish you didn’t view Koreans the way you do, being that that’s my heritage. There were a number of cultural things you either misunderstood or don’t know the historical/cultural context behind when you cast your judgement of them. Regardless, take care if yourself.

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